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Im Not Going To Say Im Back Because That Would Be Misleading

And The Peak Season Is Here And Were All Working Ourselves Ragged


Maybe Post New Years Ill Be More Active Here

I Have A Lot To Catch People Up On


Semi Transparent Santa Hat (matches colour of your blog)Made by Totally Transparent


Semi Transparent Santa Hat (matches colour of your blog)
Made by Totally Transparent


swaggie2cape answered to your post “What should my Halloween costume be?”

You should dress up as me.

I don’t have easy access to that “both is good” gif, but I think the results of following these two suggestions at once would be timeless and perfect.

I Think I Have It 


gauntauxiliatrix asked:

1, 4


1: How do you like your coffee/tea?

I don’t drink either. 

4: What is your preferred form of creative expression?

Uhm…designing or making my own clothes. ((Not entirely sure what this question means))

An Aspiring Seamstress? 

I Wonder What It Is About Haemovores And Fashion Design It Appears To Be Something We’re Fond Of On The Whole

Its Nice To Meet You By The Way, My Name Is Kanaya.

toastyhat asked:

Congratulations on five hundred! I request..Kanaya holding a cup of tea. Possibly with her chainsaw set politely to one side?



<3 Oh yes good, thank you!

squirtodyle asked:

Draw Kanaya as Commander Shepard please! :D





Dear Santa please get me these so I can feel girly and bad ass at the same time while I dance around with a sword destroying my arch-nemeses   

^ Exact reason for me. 

Totally something I would wear even in non-lolita occasions

(Source: corsets-and-clockwork)

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Moon flowers, yes? My grandmother loved these, we have them planted in our garden :)

(Source: myloveismusic13)

Update On The Mysterious Tree Situation

It Has Not Only Bloomed With White Blossoms Some While Ago

But It Has Also Given Us A Bumper Crop Of What Appears To Be Small White Fruits With White Leaves

They Look A Bit Like Terran Pineapples Or If You Took A Star Fruit And Twisted It Into A Spiral Shape

I Admit That My First Instinct Is To Try Making A Cheesecake With Them 

toastyhat asked:

May I ask for the Dolorosa twirling with her skirt flaring out all around her? >u>


Dolorosa is so much fun to draw




Say what you want, but all I see is…dragon scale gloves.

scalllesssss @ o @ 

Okay So Whos The Prankster That Planted The Tree Out On The Lawn


I Havent Seen A Tree Like This Since



Im Not Complaining Mind You Its Just 


But Its Certainly Beautiful